Access Health Centre is a private practice and spa which focuses on manual therapies and medical aesthetics. We have a holistic approach to care, and we design individualized, up-to-date and progressive healthcare treatments for each and every patient. At Access Health Centre, patients of all ages can expect a highly professional, caring, and attentive approach; our only focus being to get you back to full health as soon as possible. We focus on customer satisfaction, providing open communication, timely reporting, and documentation with your referring physician. Rest assured, we will always keep you, and your doctor informed about how treatment is progressing, transparency is one of our key values.The relaxed atmosphere of our clinic provides an ideal environment in which to help you recover from injury and prevent reoccurrence. Our clinical team consists of registered physiotherapists, registered massage therapists, chiropractors, and medical aestheticians. All of our therapists hold esteemed academic qualifications and continuously upgrade their clinical skills. We realize that each individual has different needs and we will work with each client to determine their specific treatment goals. We will explain the nature of your pain or problem, the correct treatment, the prognosis and how to prevent re-occurrence.

Clients First Attitude:

Our specialists work around the clock to ensure that each patient receives excellent treatment, tailored to their specific needs. Your satisfaction at the end of the rehabilitation process provides us joy.

Transparency and Communication:

The staff of Access Health Centre are not only qualified in the fields of Healthcare Services and medical aesthetics, but we always offer a listening ear to our patients and ensure that your voice and concerns are being heard.


We are aware that every individual requires a personalized treatment plan. We use advanced treatment approaches as recommended by our specialists for each patient.

Educating Our Patients:

To increase self-reliance among our clients, we offer education and information on how to limit and manage pain, as well as take care of their medical aesthetics. Our focus is to provide each client a healthy lifestyle.

At Access Health Centre, we promise to provide excellent personalized attention and treatments to help you to manage your overall well being.


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Medical Aesthetics

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